Sunday, December 7, 2008

picture love

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So I've had these pictures on my desktop for about 5-6 days and I figured I should finally post them.

Gracie and I went into this store that we love, called Merchant Chandeller, I think. It's a cool shop filled cool tablecloths, curtains, furniture, baskets, pillows, cushions, and candlesticks.

It's great. We like to just walk around and look. Since Gracie and I were walking down Orange St. we though we'd stop in. I took pictures from Gracie's camera for inspiration. If Gracie and I ever get together to open up our own coffee shop, we want to draw inspiration from this place.

Gracie took this picture on her "food" setting of her camera. It was a candy stand in the Christmas market off of High St. Doesn't everything look yummy? Mmmm.....

The Christmas tree in front of the Canterbury Cathedral! Gracie and I took a picture in front of. It was a surprising find and gave warmth to the cathedral.

Basically, some pictures I took with Gracie on a day in Canterbury center. Things I'm fond of, will miss dearly, and things I hope to remember when I go home.

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Gracie said...

awwww Locatelli this is great! I'm going to miss this palce too...

Seriously, let's open uo coffee shops k?? <3