Friday, December 19, 2008

make way for the queen

I couldn't resist the inspiration. Plus I got to fool around with photoshop a bit and see just how much I had forgotten from Spring semester '08.

The last pictures look rather pink, but photoshop is not my expertise, it is Shanna-love's. I attempted to doctor up the first one and just left the other two. I was momentarily inspired while at Matt's during a small snow storm in his mom's room. She collects odd things, which makes me happy inside.

I've neglected my poor blog again in a wretched manner. But I suppose that is because I have not been up to much. I intend on doing MAJOR cleaning and revamping of my own personal things and such.

Photos of creations, newly acquired recipes, and baked goods will be up asap!

I now have new wonderful recipes from online and Bahar to make wonderful veggie goodies for the holidays!

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