Sunday, November 30, 2008

bohemian rhapsody

Current tune: Bohemian Like You by: The Dandy Warhols

So I've got to do a little backtracking before I can talk about the present. My mom and sister came up to Canterbury, England to visit me for a bit after we spent a relatively wretched weekend in Paris. Needless to say Canterbury was the most relaxing part of their journey and it was full of food, family, and bohemian-ness.

I took my mom and sister to eat at Boho, this very cool, very hip, little bohemian cafe on High St. in Canterbury. I knew she would love this place, because I loved it. The colors are bright, fun, and inviting. The food is creative, homemade, and delish! Their are knickknacks galore along with weird paintings and of course, '60's or indie music. This place is one of my friends favvvvorite places! Plus they make the best kickass homemade veggie burger, that I have eaten!

Kind of bad picture, because the one woman was moving, but hey. Peer into the depths and wonderment of Boho! It's small, quaint, and lovely! I'll be posting more picture when I eat there again before I go. I need good memories and lots of pictures of this place when I return to the states.

After BoHo we met up Shanna and Nikita for a quick walk then to Coffee & Corks. Basically I took my mom and sister to my favorite places in Canterbury (with time I was alloted).

Coffee & Corks is a small bohemian coffee shop that is engulfed in a relaxed and artistic atmosphere. There are comfy inviting couches in the corners, pillows and bright oriental carpets, cute wooden stools and chairs, and random books and classic board games scattered about. Usually there's one or two people writing music or playing little tunes on an acoustic guitar by the front window where the pillows are.

This picture sums the place pretty well, in my opinion. It's a great place to relax with friends, and just chill, or to gather inspiration. Come in and forget about life with me in a sea on imperfection and acceptance.

I enjoy this place. They have a good selection of teas and are open really late!

I want to remember these places when I return home and use them as examples and inspiration in the future. I hope these pictures and experiences will serve as motivation for myself to open my own coffee shop for myself like this. Gracie and I have been talking about this, as we connect.

It makes me really happy thinking about stuff like this. And I think I would be really happy owning a coffee shop, making pastries, and selling my art.

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