Saturday, July 25, 2009

what's a good night to you?

current tune: "Sweet Smoke" by: Mr Scruff

Oh, how I love diving into rare finds of ultra retro clothing with vintage fabrics! I went over to my friend Zoe's house and met my other friend Bill there to visit and of some Mall Madness.
Bill and I share a common bond of fast-food employment...only he makes very rad tunes as well in his spare time! Check out this happenin' dude and enjoy some chipper music!

Bill showed me the greatest retro cardigan I have seen in a very long time! It was love at first sight with a squeal of joy at the old knit piece. It even has a button on the left side that says, "Go fly a kite!"
The glasses were so much fun to wear!

He let me use the faux glasses as a touching accessory, but alas, I had to give them back so he could use them as his one accessory for Mcd's. I am currently burrowing this lovely lovely and will be happily and proudly sporting it around wherever I go. It's so geek-chic and is very comfortable to wear! Unfortunately with August approaching central New York....I don't know now how much I'll be able to sneak in cardigans into my summer ensebles.

He's my very caring stylish friend who makes music, smokes his cigarettes, and loves anything retro and refined. I think everyone needs a friend who is proud to sport their own style and go through life in their own mode of transportation.

The sweater went with the rest of my current summer ensemble.
sweater: burrowed from Bill
cotton sleeveless ruffle top: $5.00 at TJMaxx
skinny jeans: 9 pounds at Primark in London
bag: $10.00 at Old Navy (2 years old)
retro leather cuff: present

I liked the brick as a background in the hallway of my flat....but the lighting was shite. This is why I am a drawer/painter and not a professional photographer.
The night was followed up by some inspiration painting by Nick and drawing for me....with some chocolate chip cookie baking! They were much anticipated and most delish! Nick was re-attacking some canvas board with ideas and I was drawing inspired by one of my favoritie bands, The Kills! (I'll let you all know tomorrow once I finish this little beaut!)

It's quite rewarding making art and having a warm dessert next to you as a little treat to spark creativity.
And of course with good company and days filled with adventure.

...What's a good night to you?

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Shanna McKay* said...

PS, I'm pretty sure I have that exact same ruffle top, but in black, and I adore it =) love it with your outfit -- in other news, a perfect night for me is laying out in bug-free grass in the golden hour of late summer, followed promptly by Friendly's and close snuggling with my boy.