Tuesday, July 14, 2009

we need each other

current tune: "Revolution" by The Beatles

Today I realized how much I want to give back to this community I have become a part of during my stay in Syracuse, NY. I want to do more on my part of feeding the homeless, the poor, and the cast out by this capitalistic and consuming society that runs the majority of large cities in the United States. I look at my roommate who is not even native born to America (who is from Columbia) and see what she is striving for and doing for the community she lives in.

She is an inspiration to me. The people on the street are an inspiration to me. And the kind people I meet are an inspiration to me.

I want to check out Food Not Bombs and possibly donate/help cook and hand out food to those who need it. And also start volunteering more in the community around me.

This weekend I'll be tentatively be volunteering with an upcoming activist gallery, ArtRage. I visited the gallery twice (once with my class and once with Nick) and fell in love with the gallery, the curator, the people, and the voice and passion behind ArtRage.

The present exhibition is a very powerful one on the revolt going on in Oaxaca, Mexico. It consists of woodblock prints and photographs all of people standing up to unjust power and tyranny. it is both inspirational and moving. I recommend anyone who lives in the area to go and see it for yourself!

Thursday I plan on going to the event, "The Power of her Word," after I get out of class with Anita.

Here is an excerpt from their website:

"...Revolutionary women of Latin America - lending our voices to their poems and songs.

Powerful words of love, justice, equality and liberation: selection inspired by the women of the Oaxaca 2006 uprising.

Join us on Th3 Thursday, July 16th at 7pm for an evening filled with Latino music from Colleen Kattau and Caroline Kim. Otilia Ortiz, will present a video (short) about a young sandinista woman named Arlen Siu. Other poets and singers include Violeta Parra, Giaconda Belli, Natalia Toledo, Gloria Martin and Jenny Terrero who will read from her book, “The big apple turns brown when you slice it”. Featured will be the poetry of Bertha Muñoz ..."


How do you give back to those around you?

Friends, family, co-workers, friendly strangers...?

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Isabel said...

Sweet! My roommate volunteers for FNB, and he rules. Perhaps I'll go with him sometime when we move in September?

P.S Thanks so much for all your sweet comments on my blog! I always used to click on your other blog so I could leave a comment with you, but it never got updated so I never left a comment! I only discovered this blog today. Now I know, for future reference!