Monday, July 20, 2009

teal tuesday

current tune: "Sweet Apocalypse" by: Moby

I am in loooove with the color teal. Call it what you want: teal, aquamarine, turquoise;etc....but I love the intense blue/green concoction of color in my life and around me!

Here are some teal lovies that caught my eye!

Stoffer's microwave mac&cheese dinner on a classic plastic child plate.
Sometimes, you just need a good a hurry!
this adorable piano playin' octopus print found on Shanalogic
Teal doors on businesses or residential homes. I think it makes a bold statement and pop!
I want a good poppy door when I find my cozy home in the future!
This very cute dress found on Forever21.
This is such a fab party dress that I would throw a waist belt with a possibly a tassel scarf!
Forever21 has some great summer dresses with spunk!
This fab satchel found at Urban Outfitters.
I like the bright color and the business of the small pockets (..but good for organization!)

I'll be keeping my eye out for key finds!
happy teal tuesday!!

1 comment:

Missa said...

Mmm, mac-n-cheese sounds really good right now. I think I'll make some for lunch tomorrow...

That octopus print is way cute :)