Thursday, July 23, 2009

go strut your stuff...secretarial style

current tune: "Buddy Holly" by: Weezer

It was very exciting to wear the new teal pencil skirt I bought at Salvation Army yesterday. I paired the newly acquired item with a snug fitting white short sleeved top with a ruffled front, a thick black waistbelt, a purple pashmina, brown moccassin flats, and my new headband.
top: free from a British friend
scarf: pashmina from 99cent city - $3.99
belt: H&M - $7
skirt: Salvation Army - $3.99
shoes: Target - $9.99

(I realize the photos are far from fantastic...again..)

I simply adored wearing the high-waisted skirt and feeling very happily retro! I am going to keep my eye out for any other pencil skirts that I may come across in my thrifting adventures. That great vintage secretary/librarian look could very well make its way into my style.
This great inspirational fashionista goes by them name Piksi, from Finland, on Flickr. I stumbled upon her page and went through some of her fab outfits. I love her vintage appeal and her fantastic sense of style! She is definitely worth the look into for styke inspiration and ensemble appeal!

Cardigans, vests, sweaters, big glasses, brooches, pencil skirts, and old fashioned blouses are worth having in anyones closet.....if you go for geek-chic appeal.
Anyone know of any good sites...or places...for big vintage glasses?
Possibly ones that you could replace the lens in and use as prescription glasses?

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Shanna McKay* said...

mod cloth.
or just peruse Etsy, that's always a score