Saturday, July 11, 2009

say it with a smile

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The past couple of days have been spent with Nick and Syracuse.
I'm without a job....again. I was let go from the small coffee shop that I had started working for because of the lack of business that was coming in. So I'm off to find work wherever I can, and whomever it is with (employer wise...excluding fast food establishments.....ever again)

Through these hardships I'm making new friends that live close by me and with ones who don't have a home to call their own. All in all I'm seeing what Syracuse has to offer in adventure, employment, and through social interactions.

And of course art!

Thursday I sported an off the shoulder shirt my Syracusian friend gave me and that I tailored a bit more for my style. I realized 1/2 hour before my class that I wanted to go crzy with my make-up (which isn't really shown) and wear something new!

...and yes, I have a wicked farmer's tan...

Some inspiring grafitti on the side of a business I pass on Tuesdays and Thursday (on my way to my class) on Lodi St. in Syracuse

A close up of some of the art on this wall.
I enjoy (so much) taking photos with Nick's camera of things that catch my eye or inspire me wherever it is.

This is the pizza we made together. He slapped it out (but I could have..) pre-oven baking and melty cheese action!
It has fresh onions, tomatoes, zucchini, garlic, broccoli, and green peppers with a bit of mozzarella, parmesan, and mexican cheese...all courtesy of our local corporate grocery.

This was the finished product, and boy was it yummy! We topped it off with the usual favorite of ranch dressing and cheap blush wine.

This capped off a fine day of a tour of wading through 3 of downtown Syracuse's fountains. One of which we climbed to the top of and waded (by Salina St.) and the other I biffed it completely by the Everson Museum.

It was a wonderful day, none the less, spent with good company and walking around the fine city.
Tomorrow I hope to actually make it to a food pantry that will be open and possibly check out the unitarian universalist church (don't know if that is what it is refered as....?) in the morning.

I'm keeping good vibes and lighting my adorable saint candle Nick bought for me.
(I've fallen in love with the iconic-ness of the religious candles in grocery stores)

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