Friday, July 24, 2009

album appreciation: amon tobin (cujo)

current tune: "Break Charmer" by: Amon Tobin (Cujo)

Amon Tobin, originally born in Brazil, released his first album under the name Cujo (not to be mistaken for the rapid canine). "Adventures in Foam" was released in September 1996 under a British label, Ninebar Records.

Tobin began producing electronic music with samplers and other audio equipment. While taking a class at a university in Brighton, he responded to a magazine promotion for the London-based Ninebar record label asking artists to send in demos of their songs. Ninebar signed Tobin to the label in 1996 after hearing his early work, and he traveled between his home in Brighton and the studios in London to produce his first official works.
Under his original alias Cujo, he released a series of drum and bass remixes on vinyl. His first full-length album, "Adventures in Foam" had a limited release of 5,000 copies. Tobin was later signed by Ninja Tune under his own name to produce 6 additional fantastic albums.

Tobin is best known for his use of sampling, where a small section of a previous recording is manipulated to produce a new sound. His use of this technique has changed over the course of his career. He manipulates the sounds with a combination of audio hardware, and software such as Cubase and the original source is often not recognizable in its new context
Tobin says that he sees it as a "genuine" expression of the time he lives in, as he says blues, jazz, and Brazilian genres were "genuine" expressions of the 1960s.

Amon Tobin released 6 additional albums after "Adventures in Foam," up to his most recent in 2007, "Foley Room" released with Ninja Tune.

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Kyle said...

his work is a genuine expression of our time. i hate people who recreate (note: recreate, NOT re-assimilate or remix) an old sound (e.g. straight ahead jazz from the 50's) and act like its really fuckin genuine.