Monday, July 13, 2009

some art I made

current tune: "Jazz Potato" by: Mr. Scruff

After feeling like a dry well with the full lack of resources, inspiration to get me creating art, and the financial status I've been living in for awhile now I finally found a good creative outlet that serves both my creative side and my love for pop art and pop culture.

I'm not big into surrealist art. In fact, I can't remember at time I was really inthralled with it. After being at Angie's and Joe's flat and stubling through a book called, A Book of Surrealist Games, and I was oddly inspired. They jumbled up not only images but words, phrases, and sentences.

So! With the inspiration of surrealist sentences and with the resources I had avilable to me, and the inspiration of Angie and her typewriter of poetry...I created some art I am really in love with!

I like to cut out phrases of sentences or just interesting words, then lay them all out so I can pick and choose for each small story I create.

My bunny tin of words. I like to keep them in here.

This was the first piece I created.

I'm taking a like to surrealist art and what I've been doing.

More to come soooooon!

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