Tuesday, July 21, 2009

diner days

current tune: "Heartbreak Hotel" by: Elvis Presley

I love diners! I love diners so much that today I craved just to go..sit at a cozy diner...have some good diner coffee...and diner grub! So...Nick and I set off to find a diner in Syracuse semi-close to us and stumbled on a little gem called, "Doc's Little Gem Diner!"

Isn't their sign just the greatest?

For all of you familiar with the Syracuse area it is located on Spencer St. in Syracuse....not too far from the Carousel Mall.

It was a fun and relaxed experience having lunch there! The waitress we had was very nice and I also had the chance to fill out an application, have an interview with her, and meet Doc himself as well. Unfortunately, they are not presently hiring...but it would be sooo rad to work at a little 1950's-esque diner as my job!

Nick and I split a tuna melt (I indulge in fish every now and then for protein and iron...) fries, and some fried zucchini. It was a first time having fried zucchini....which was delish, but very hot.

The diner was so quaint and good-feeling...like you have spent hours there with friends over mugs of coffee and good conversation. The chrome had a great 1950's feeling and the pipes were painted black with floral stibble all over too! Of course there seemed to be some older regulars there that simply added to the charm!

Diners are a big part of my life and almost a staple for comfort things. I hope everyone has a little something inside them for these iconic representations of "homestyle Americana f00d" and appreciate them for their quirks and unique style.

Someday I'll go across the U.S. and stop at many diners on my way of exploring America from a car with good people, good conversation, and good music!


Isabel said...

I love diners too! I never really go to them, but the idea of drinking endless cups of weak coffee while talking to the waitress and sitting on one of those stools is pretty appealing, no?

Jared said...

I stumbled upon your post about diners, and I just had to mention three of my favorites.
1. The Chef's Hat, Williamstown, MA
2. The Noonmark Diner, Keene Valley, NY
3. The Chelsea Royale Diner, Brattleboro, VT

I highly recommend the Noonmark after a long trek through the high peaks. The blackberry pie and malted milkshakes, along with a wait staff that doesn't mind smelly hikers, makes for a most excellent end to one's adventure.