Sunday, July 12, 2009

blues and free food

current tune: "Sunflower Sun Kissed" by: Yppah

I just got back from a good night filled with free music (the New York State Blues Festival in Syracuse), free money (picking up beer cans from the venue), and free food (dumpster diving) with Nick. And oh, was it an adventure!

The Blues Festival went on in Clinton Square in downtown Syracuse today and yesterday, where Dan Akyroyd made a small appearance, and was a completely free venue to the public. The turn out seemed great when I went Sunday evening and the music was worth it! I bumped into Sanders and Bahar there as well, all while watching the festivites on top of a large concrete service box above the height of the crowd. Basically, we got to jam out without having to stand and with a good view!

John Hammond and his quartet

a swanky guy with a pipe

As with any free venue I've experienced thus far, we picked up beer cans and bottles strewn about from people left around for some much treasured cash, when exchanged. I picked up a free bag of dinner rolls and was brave enough to "monkey" around with Nick and climb on a geometric public sculpture not too far from the venue.

Picking up the cans and bottles in front of a crowd is a mental trip. It's a weird mental contemplative battle where you throw your dignity aside that you hold in our capitalistic society and do what you can in the name of darwinism. When it comes down to it....those people aren't helping me live...even if they could afford to give a little.

On the way back we both decided to dumpster dive and first went to the local Aldi's on Erie Blvd. This proved to be an absolute eden of assorted goods, that were still good! We found loaves of bread, strawberries, kiwi, cookies, grapes, tomatoes, peppers, broccoli; etc. We also met two wonderfully kind and welcoming fellow dumpster divers as well.

being silly in dumpsters!

I'm happy for the plentiful bounty and for making new friends of Cassi and Brian. It's always interesting living on what others can do without.

Nick and I did go through the food and wash all the produce and go through the rest of what we could not get a good look at. We nabbed a good amount for each other and I still have leftovers for friends. I'm very happy that I took the plunge and rummaged through a dumpster....going with a freegan attitude.

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