Sunday, July 19, 2009

there are dinosaurs in the mall!

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Some days are best spent starting the day off slow. Visiting friends close by. Seeing a new exhibition at a local gallery. Cooking for people you care for. Walking around town. And playing childhood boardgames.

Thursday I went to visit some good friends, Bill and Zoe, to bring food and company and ended up staying to play the 1990's Milton Bradley board game, Mall Madness. I never actually owned this game, but it was a hoot to play....especially from a much older age!
I made up some yummy vegetable fried an almost Mexican taste. I can thank Taco Bell for their generous donation of hot sauce packets for giving my dish some heat!

Once I got to Zoe's, she, Bill, and her roomie Brook had been playing Mall Madness for quite some time. She was addicted! Nick and I decided to indulge with her once more and sat down to play the game. As shown above, I spiced things up with a plastic toy dinosaur that one of Brook's children left around the house.

"There's a dinosaur in the mall....!!"

Playing Mall Madness brought back memories of when I was middle school playing these silly games with my friends, or during sleepovers. I had Dream Phone at home and it is along the lines of Mall Madness, in silly early 1990's games. You had to go around and call different guys and see if you could get a date on a big hot pink phone. You had to call around and listen to clues to find out which hunky guy on the game was your secret admirer....oooh la la!

We had a lot of fun trying to buy things and seeing the ridiculous names of the stores. [ Frump's Fashion Boutique was just one of the names! ]

I suppose it was meant to keep kids occupied and teach them to be good little's only practice kids, for the real world! We did have a lot of fun with the fake credit cards and when things went on sale.

"Attention all mall shoppers there is a sale at the shoe store!"

Did anyone else play this game while they were growing up?
...and were there anymore sweet games like this?

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