Sunday, September 13, 2009

back in action!

current tune: "Into Action" by: Tim Armstrong

So, it's been quite some time! I had to take some time off because I did not have a dependable source of internet, and was too busy with other pressing things to take the time to blog...sadly.

But, here's to a new start up!

New inspiration, new finds, and of course new adventures!

Though this may be like any other autumn for a good majority of people, it is my last fall semester before I earn my BFA in Studio Art with minor concentrations in Art History and Fashion Design. I will have completed my 4 years of college and will be a different person since I began this small milestone in my life.

I'll be keeping updates on my current work. New drawings and illustrations, ideas and inspiration for my upcoming Senior show/project in spring....and on inspiration for my "capstone" paper.

I've done a lot of growing up this summer with my new companion, Nick, and I'm not finished yet!

So, from now on I'll be updating my blog with tidbits, movie trailers, and a taste of my artwork!

here's to a fresh new week!

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Jowy said...

Lovin this post, great and fun info, gonna check out sum of the books, thnx for sharing!

One Love,