Tuesday, September 29, 2009

the shelf that caroline built

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Yesterday, while looking for plastic milk crates at Target I stumbled on cheap, DIY shelves. I figured for $20 I could construct this shelving unit without too much difficulty and house my numerous books, sketchbooks, notebooks, and random books I keep acquiring. As of yesterday I have not put together a particle board shelf. As of today I will think twice when I make a purchase like this again.
One cut thumb and about 6 hours later I had it built.

Shelf: 3

Caroline: 5 I feel quite accomplished after this was finished, and happy that I did not let a piece of espresso covered particle board get the best of me. As for the thought of purchasing any IKEA furniture for my flat.....that might have to wait.

Why is it that DIY things like this never go as smoothly as you plan while you're in the store?
Maybe it would have been easier, and more cost efficient to simply just get lumber cut and use the old hammer and nails.

I was also contemplating on painting it. As an artist, and just a creative individual in general, I feel the need to make everything my own. I'm sure you can relate, and even experience the exact same feeling. Maybe a bold funky teal or bright color associated with India or another exotic country will make a good statement. Or a collage of magazine/collected images?

We'll see what happens. Good or bad, I put a shelf together by myself and without the help of a man.


Gracie said...

Yay for shelf building! I get so frustrated with that kind of stuff...this is why I chose the stage instead of crafty-ness. Go you! <3

Chelseabird said...

Thanks for following me! Your blog seems very cute and intriguing! I know how you feel about the need to make everything yourself. :]

Caroline said...

you're welcome! i'm growing fond of your blog too