Tuesday, September 29, 2009


current tune: "Got Your Number" by: Nadia Oh feat. Space Cowboy

Like most girls who are always looking for new styles, innovations, change is needed! I thus decided to give myself a little trim and bangs again! I'm later thinking on an angular cut that I might have the assistance of a salon professional. None the less, when I cut my own hair for a different change, it gives me a sense of liberation. I am choosing my own actions and proceeding. It's a great feeling.And I acquired a fresh new pair of mulberry converse!
They're a different color than I would have chosen, if there were more of an option....but they are growing on me! They're bold in their own way. Slightly sarcastic mixed with artisticly-punk-icons. For anyone who knows me, they know my classic blacks traveled all over Europe and back. I hope you have a similar beloved piece of shoe-love.

I'm also thinking about painting them and putting my own design into my shoes. I've always wanted to do it, and never had the courage to do so. So, now is a perfect time than any to do so!
I was thinking white, black, and baby blue. Possibly another pastel color? I'll do a little research and post some good inspirations.

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While in a class today I looked up some links randomly on methods to become a positive person with a positive outlook on life. I want to stay positive through the "living-on-my-own-for-the-first-time experiences I have had, and keep positive through the stress of class and my life. Here's a wiki I found with some insight.

Next on the list is meditation....and hopefully a weekend home to see my family and possibly a camping trip with my artist in two weeks.Doesn't this little clay Totoro just make you all warm inside?


Missa said...

Your bangs look SO cute, nice job! They make your lovely eyes stand out :)

Gracie said...

AWWW! Look at that little Totorro! <3

Shanna McKay* said...

did you make your own font??!! I love it!