Monday, November 3, 2008

happy halloween [belated]

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Happy [belated] Halloween!
In America, Halloween is right up there with Christmas with preparation, dressi
ng up, baking, and popularity.

In Britain, they don’t give a shit.

When Christina and I saw our flat the first week we came to Canterbury, we both decided to throw an awesome Halloween party. Though the wardens told our friends that they would get evicted for throwing a party, we were determined to have one despite all previous warnings to others around us. You can’t deprive an American with something they cherish so much!

We hung up cute decorations, I made sure there was enough extra tp in the common bathroom downstairs, and made sure we all had enough wine and drinks, and it was on! Since there were no adequate costume shops, we all had to DIY our costumes.

Shanna was a pirate, with a bejeweled eye patch, Gracie was a zombie school girl with creepy face paint, Nikita was a vampire school girl with sweet teased out pig tails, Christina was Dorothy with glittered pink flats, Jeff was Dracula with a tarp-like cape (it really did feel like a camping tarp), Mandi was little red riding hood, Amber was a black cat, Shannon was Elle from Legally Blonde (even with her won stuffed “Brewster” in bag), Coffee-shop Mark was a zombie with blades protruding from his body, my flat mate Charlie was another just-dead zombie, Nina was a fairy, Jen was Amy Winehouse (with the assistance of Shanna and I), Jake with-a-star (a British classmate) was the Joker (with assistance from Gracie), and I was little red riding hood with a
children’s coat!

These are the people that help make this whole trip great! <3>

Now, if you can get through all of that without any confusion, you deserve a gold star.

We had a rad strobe light burrowed from a friend, tacky black cobweb stuff on our cupboards, and the combined awesome music from Gracie, Christina, and me! It was a good-yet well-mannered party that was not broken up or disturbed anyone.... (the warden’s never knew).

After the party (at about 11:30-12ish) Mandi, Shanna, Jake with-a-star, Gracie, Nikita, Mark, and I went to The Jolly Sailor to have a couple drinks.

Mandi got hit on by the owner, who was a zombie colonial guy, and I spilled two glasses of wine in a drunken stupor.

We ended our magical night like we end all good drunken nights….with Efes chips and fresh mozzarella cheese! Walking back home filling our bellies with fries and cheese is always good! We parted our ways when we got back to the student village and all passed out.

It was a good night.

The next morning Christina and I tackled clean up, which wasn’t bad at all. I went through and took care of the recyclables, changed the rubbish bags, and washed dishes while Christina mopped the floor. I also had to scrub the random pink blotches on the walls from my flat mate, Charlie. Her paint kept getting on the alls whenever she bumped into anything. (It was kinda funny just how it was in random places.)

My travelin' companions and best friends <3>

Note: There was no pumpkin carving, trick-or-treat’ers, gourds, or Halloween lights….kinda miss that.

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