Sunday, November 9, 2008

weekend travels: holland

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I've been horribly bad with keeping up with thus poor blog that deserves to be updated! And with a complimentary slice of warm apple pie with a single scoop of vanilla ice-cream on the side.

Ok. So I went to London on Friday for a class trip and saw the Tower of London, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre [re-built], and then wondered off to the Tate Modern (the optional part of the trip).

The Tate was an AMAZING place that made both me, and Shanna, so happy! I felt sooo inspired after going there that I started writing down notes and ideas on the pamphlets they give you.

Before we got to the Tate, we went and saw the William Shakespeare museum and the reconstructed Globe Theatre. That too, was very lovely. And prior to that we have the opportunity to walk around the London Tower. That was very exciting! We saw were poor Anne Boleyn was decapitated, and the ravens that inhabit the place and all the towers, history, and bea-u-tiful crown jewels!

After our school trips, is when the fun begins! After the Tate Shanna, Mandi, and I walked across the Millenium bridge, which is exclusively for pedestrians only over the Thames river. It was a lovely breath of fresh air with cute couples necking, and a splendid view of the city!

We stayed up all night at Shanna's friend flat and then was off for Amsterdam by 2:45 am.

Going by all modes of transportation in one weekend can wear a body down. We frequented the bus, taxi,
train, subway, and plane within one weekend....eeek!

The whole ordeal of Amsterdam was stressful, but the city was lovely! The day was bright and sunny (almost a little too bright, because we've gotten so accustomed not seeing sun in London). Mandi, Shanna, and I checked in to our hostel, whic
h was cozy, warm, cute, and utterly unique!!

This was in the reception/living room/bar of our Hostel. The lamps were just an amazing conglomerate or warm light and mood, with a home-like sense of vintage and design. I was quite taken with them!

We ventured out, after we were settled, and located the closest coffee shop to do what people in Amsterdam do (which happened to go throughout the whole day). We were sooo exhausted from traveling and not sleeping for about a day and a half that we crashed in our room for a couple of hours. We woke up and headed down to the red light district, because I didn't want to leave without seeing that. After that more pancakes and then headed home for the night.

We only stayed one night, but tried to take in as much as we could from the vast an popular city. There were gorgeous buildings, really cute interior design shops, lots of coffee shops, and just a lot of to take in.

They make you feel so inspired just looking at them! The colors were fantastic! The mugs, tea cups, and utensils made you just want to move into your own flat and decorate like a TLC show!

Me in my bunk bed in the hostel. It was a fast-paced good day.

Amsterdam was good. I'd loved to go back, but I know I couldn't live there. It's just not meant for me and I could feel that. I'm happy I've seen it and visited, and hope to be back again!

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