Wednesday, November 12, 2008

someone left the cake out in the rain

Current tune: "Nothing's Wrong" by: Architecture in Helsinki

So I decided to bake a cake tonight for a Bean Inspired for Mark to sell. I baked the cake and set it out on our tiny patio in the back garden. While I'm doing this Christina just watches me until I come in and they asks why I put the cake outside.

"Caroline, why did you put the cake outside?"
"So it would cool."
"Haven't you ever heard of the song, if you leave your cake outside it'll rain and ruin it?"

This sounded pretty ridiculous to me. But it was true. Fact. It's a song sung by Richard Harris about a cake melting in the rain and some girl. Wonders never cease....

Our mess in our kitchen.

We managed to get icing on my hat, our blinds, the stove, the floor, ourselves, and.....just about is roomie bonding over cake! <3

A perfect union of sweetness <3

"...MacArthur Park is melting in the dark
All the sweet, green icing flowing down
Someone left the cake out in the rain
I don't think that I can take it
'Cause it took so long to bake it
And I'll never have that recipe again

Oh, no!..."
-MacArthur Park

This is the finished product to our madness. It actually looks quite delectable, though I hope it isn't too much or too sweet. We just kind of went with things. I wanted the pink sprinkles and Christina did damage control after me with the icing and the chocolate drizzle. It was a good team effort!

My watercolor finished painting of my cake to put up in the shop. I think I'm going to darken up the blue a bit more, but I'm quite satisfied with it. I'm not very good with watercolors yet...actually I think I'm pretty shy when it comes to them. I'm more of an acrylic kind of girl. But I do need to widen my horizons. Plus it was cheaper in Chromos, the art supply store off of high street in Canterbury.


On a different you ever feel terribly frustrated, behind, and absolutely ignorant to the world? I realize I'm no Bill Gates, Alfred Einstein, Issac Newton, or Matt DeVall....but geez, I felt dumb in Modern Britain today.....

I don't think that it was an instance where I was totally left in the dust and didn't know where everyone else was coming from, it was more I speak quietly and no one hears me until someone more annoyingly loud pipes up with the correct answer about
Northern Ireland and the IRA. Ugh! I feel as though I'm becoming that clumsy girl (with drink spilling and fails....) from being the smart organized girl. Being in England has opened my eyes to many things and gave me an even bigger yen to learn, but while I'm here I've been going out of character....aka relaxing and partying.

*gasp* Caroline....relaxing? What what what? As a result I feel like people are remembering the drunk moments, more than the awesome smart ones. Curse you, alcohol!

Do you ever think pirates got into this conundrum as well?

"Argh....must be layin' off all ye rum....gotta study me stars in ye sky so ye can multiply ye distance of ye scurvy vessel to thee buried treasure!"


"...It's wicked where you tread they shot an arrow in your head
since the apple wasn't there..."
-Architecture in

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