Wednesday, April 8, 2009

i've got to fit, i've got to get into it

***New Young Pony Club lyrical reference
current tune: "Herculean" by: The Good, The Bad, and The Queen"

(...and listening to one of maintenance shovel dirt onto pavement outside my dorm window...)

I'm sick of having bumps, potholes, and detour routes on the road to my senior year and graduation. I've been dealing with registration and all it's little gifts of bounty since Monday after my first class until I was into my shift at work. I called three people to get my professor number. And I've cried twice.

I want things to fit. I don't want to take an electives, because they're the reason I'm so tied down and restricted. I want people to listen to me, because I know what I can and can not handle and spring semesters make me lethargic. I feel misunderstood, ignored, and lost.

I started googling existentialists one day this week and think I will begin looking into it as a theory and way of life. I want to try and find myself, and my diminishing creativity and sanity.

Still trying to hang on, here are some new works that came out of no where. They are my beginning of breaking free from the oppression of art through my years of schooling. This is for painting what I want to paint. With no real perspective and balance. With my own style. My own ideas. My own methods. My own love. Of finally incorporating a style and love I've been cultivating since 6th grade into my college work and portfolio!

acrylic paint, sharpie.

acrylic paint, sharpie.

They are currently hanging up on walls in my room.

I also want to go with my "word art." This was something I developed overseas when I studied abroad in Canterbury, England. It's simple words, phrases, or questions in my own style font. I want to see where it takes me.

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When listening to the above link, listen carefully to the lead singers voice. Does he sound familiar?

That is because I felt the same way! All I could think of was the lead singer of "Gorillaz" singing. So today I decided to look up my hunches, and prove that my hearing did not deceive me. Damon Albarn, co-creator of the "Gorillaz" co-created "The Good The Bad and The Queen" as well!

They're worth a looking into! And a honest listen.

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