Thursday, April 9, 2009

groovy cardboard love

current tune: "The Get Go" by: The New Young Pony Club

Today had a good morning. I woke up tired as usual, made some fresh coffee, and walked to painting with a travel mug of coffee in one hand, a pad of drawing paper in the other, a beanie, and a pair of 1980's sunglasses. I got in my groove and went with it! I found my groove.......for this morning.

Pictures when I can snag someone's camera to do so!

I recently just stumbled on, literally, this adorable site called carboard love. It's quite enjoyable and innocent. This one caught my attention:

I love the fact that the purpose of this self-project was to help the creator become a person with a more positive outlook on life. I've often thought of writing random sayings on cardboard pieces, but not like this. The concept and delivery are great!

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