Tuesday, April 7, 2009

clutter and happiness

current tune: "Play My Guitar" by: The Quicksilver Messenger Service

I had to snag my friend Mandi's camera again just so I keep my little friend updated with visual stimulus! I'm a very visual person, so it helps to show through imagery whatever is trying to be conveyed.

I thought I would snap some inspiring color schemes I've been attracted to this semester. I'm finding that I have a hidden love for the color teal/aquamarine. I normally tend to lean towards warmer colors and their associations, but teal has promised good things, so I'm hoping it will add some great pop! to my life and work!

A great find, and also fate (with a tiny story behind it) bought me this little beauty for $3 at the DeWitt Salvation Army. It doesn't work, but it's beautiful eye candy.

I tend to lean more towards illustration and pop art in my work, and old material possessions that have been tossed aside always get me!

my windowsill of clutter and happiness.

While working at my internship through the elementary school in Cazenovia I have met wonderful people with educated opinions and loves. The art teacher I intern with and I get along so well and she has been finding unusual and random things to give me each time I've come in.

Two weeks ago I was given old blue and white wallpaper with a beautiful delicate pattern that I passed on to my interior design friend Beth to use as inspiration and last week it was 5 pairs of vintage 1970's sunglasses! They're not knock offs from a department store, but authentic old sunglasses. It was such a great find! I adore the relationship I've been creating with her as I learn the ins and outs of becoming an art teacher.

I plan on listening to some 1970's music and finishing some assignments. It feels good to update my little friends with new tales, and new finds.


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Shanna McKay* said...

I am head over heels ridiculously jealous of those sunnies <3