Monday, March 9, 2009

stress and sprinkles

current tune: "I'm impressed" by: They Might Be Giants

Prior to spring break, which I'm currently on, I took the appearance of the white rabbit and was running around like the red queen was going to chop off my head.

I felt even more like I was in "Alice in Wonderland" when I volunteered to help my friend Kate with baking cupcakes for her "Grimm's Fairytales" play this week. Despite a schedule of projects, sketches, quizzes, and work I managed to make 8 dozen pink frosted rainbow sprinkled cupcakes.

Here is some progress of cupcake magic in my dormroom. My little army of sugary soliders for hungry bellies.

On a different note, I recently purchased some cute deals at Target a couple weeks ago that I just had to show!

This little hello! rug just brightened up my day. I especially love the big Hello!

Some photos of inspiration! (and sunshine!)

I'm going to be trying to take better, more attentive care of my blog, but it's become harder since my camera is no longer in action.

I'm hoping for a more organized life after spring break and to get as much creativity, inspiration, and paintings that I can get out of myself as possible! Hope for more pictures and inspiration....and maybe the need to nudge nudge me to keep to it!

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note: As I'm sure you've noticed I am in love with They Might Be Giants....and they're video for the above link is soooo good and uber good. ....except for the end.

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Gracie said...

Particle Man would have to be my fav TMBG song! :D I want to thank you so much for the cupcakes! They were a huge hit at the play! I know, right? I want to take better care of my blog too. Every time I get on it, I feel so much better about life. Weird huh? I LOVE YOU!