Sunday, February 15, 2009

tea for two

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This weekend was Valentine's Day and it turned out to be a nice relaxing weekend. Matt came up from Albany to see me!

We had sushi at a new sushi bar in Fayetteville, NY called "Sakana-Ya Sushi Bar." I had some delish age tofu and veggie sushi rolls wile Matt tried some squid for the first time and had sushi as well. From there we decided to see Coraline. I will be posting on that in a separate post, but just to say....I loved it!

Saturday we headed into Syracuse and stumbled on a very cute, very intimate tea room in the middle of Syracuse, NY called "Roji Tea Lounge." I had some scrumptuous lychee bubble tea, and Matt tried some hot lemongrass tea. Both of wish were superb! We loved the fact that we had the option of sitting at the traditional tea tables!

My bubble tea was soooo yummy! I love the "bubbles" at the bottom!

Matt enjoyed his hot tea. I enjoyed his little tea cup.

We had little mats for our shoes! I liked the fact that we could enjoy our tea in a more traditional manner, in the middle of Syracuse, and just enjoy the moment and our tea.

I would recommend this tea lounge to anyone, and already have told my friends about it. I loved every minute about it! Not to mention I bumped into, and met, one of my good friend's cousins, but also because the tea and staff were both wonderful!

Matt and I both had a good time, and bubble tea always makes me happy!

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p.s. - my nice Canon digital camera decided to crap the I haven't updated in awhile because of the lack of camera and digital image-posting abilities. I'll be looking into locating a cheap point-and-shoot, and getting my baby fixed.

In the meantime I'll be looking to get by by burrowing cameras with my mem. card and trying to
still post!

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Gracie said...

It looks like you guys had a great time at Roji's!! I so love that plce! I hope to go with you soon!